The most common use of murals or decorative art for residential interior applications is "trompe l'oeil" (trick of the eye) paintings to create the feeling of open space. An image is created such as a window or door opening and typically illustrated with landscape art to "open up" a room and create a view. Other functions of decorative art in interiors include custom painted ceiling art, decorative flourishes such as floral art around the border of walls, and custom "faux" wall finishes like Venetian Plaster. One can choose an option of having their murals painted on thin wood panel that is attached to the wall and framed. This quality allows the art to be moved or transferred in the case their residence is also transferred. More daring owners may consider to create murals on the exteriors of their residences. Integration of the artwork to the architecture of the residence and the exterior environment is the upmost goal of Calote Decorative Arts.




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