International Innovations in Painted Decor 


Original, hand painted, art is the most exquisite and dynamic way of decorating or publicizing your home or business. Whether artwork is painted direct on walls, on wooden
panel attached to wall, or the traditional surface of framed canvas, there is no other visual treatment that carries the prestige and public relation optimum that original artwork brings to your architecture. Calote Arts has provided design and artistic solutions in the United States and Europe since 1977. Jerry Calote is the artist and designer of the murals, trompe l'oeil, decorative arts, and fine arts, that express the special message you seek to tell the world about yourself. The international presence of Jerry Calote enables him to be constantly exposed to current innovations and trends, and incorporate eclectic movements into his own repertoire. Please contact us for counsel on how you can incorporate art into your home or business.  Some of the images on this website are available as giclee reproductions on canvas or paper. 

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