"Art is a representation of light, so by its very nature possesses the positive qualities inherent
in our world and space. Without light, there can be no visual arts external to our being. We as
humans can choose to depict this light in an aesthetic manner that reinforces our joy to live. I have
always found my mind to be inspired through my eyes, and it is my consistent goal to inspire other
minds through their eyes." -Jerry Calote


Jerry Calote was born in 1953 in Central Calfornia and grew up as a farm boy. He moved
to Los Angeles in 1972, and studied at the University of California, initially, on a California State
Scholarship Program. He graduated from the UCLA Film School in 1976 after concentrating his
time there in the animation workshop under the direction of Dan McLaughlin Jr. He continued
to work and live in Los Angeles for the next ten years, employing himself as a technician in film
and commercial production, and later as a graphic designer. His career took off after he was invited
to work in Europe in 1985, and he founded “Atelier Calote”, in the resort of Interlaken,
Switzerland. In Switzerland Jerry innovated the use of murals as artistic expression and decorative
art. He produced a portfolio of fine art paintings as well that he staged in exhibitions throughout
Switzerland and Germany. In 1998 he began once again to reside in California. During this period he
was contracted by companies such as Cheesecake Factory and Saint Tropez Bistros of San Diego, California to produce
mural art in their interiors. He commutes between Interlaken, Switzerland, and Los Angeles, California, yearly, and
maintains a full time office in Agoura Hills, California. His fine art website is located at www.jerrycalote.com